Because jewellery is something one wears, it is why we think about what it can express.
Why do we use jewellery as a means of our artistic expression?
Perhaps it is because we see the possibility of a personal connection to someone through our art.
Jewellery is like a poem, inscribed on the human body, our most familiar canvas.

The artist freely chooses, connects and reconstructs the materials based on an original theme and instills a message within. Sometimes the message may not be overt, but hidden deep inside the work as a metaphor.

The sensations felt by wearing the art, the weight of the object and how it feels to the touch are unique to the wearer; this is why people can attain a direct involvement in the work and connect ever more deeply with the artist’s message and spirit.

The relationship between the artist, the wearer, and the viewer – the beholder of the art, is an important factor in the completion of jewellery as a means of expression. The artist’s message comes together with the wearer’s personality, creating an entirely new poem. This becomes an expression of the individual, creating a connection with other people and their surroundings and with society. Indeed, the various dialogs inspired by the art, and the relationships established between people and objects as a result, are truly important objectives for the artist.

Our wish is for jewellery to become more widely recognized as a communication tool to enable individuals to express themselves more freely, become aware of their personal connection to society through the ideas, concepts and messages conveyed within each piece and as a fresh approach to contemporary art.