CURRENT Exhibition Vol.2 is touring to Taipei!


12 artists, with different backgrounds, from 7 countries, came together to think about the basic question: “where is the world going?” We chose the name of the exhibition, CURRENT, to mean not only the flow of ideas but also what’s happening in the world now. Both those concepts are intended to be expressed through jewellery. Each piece is presented together with the concept video made by the artist.

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“CURRENT in Taipei”
In the beginning of the 2014, MANO has teamed up with Japanese contemporary jewellery group ORIZZONTI to present the touring exhibition “CURRENT”.
In the book “Living with Art”, Mark Getlein proposes 6 activities, services or functions of contemporary artists :
1.Create placese for some human purpose.
2.Create extraoridinary versions of ordinary objects.
3.Record and commemorate.
4.Give tangible form to the unknown.
5.Give tangible form to feelings.
6.Refresh our vision and help see the world in new ways.
MANO is delighted to bring “CURRENT” to the current climate in Taiwan, hoping to offer the viewers to see these extraordinary versions of ordinary objects which express memory, feelings, and the unknown and to see the world in new light.

Text by MANOmanman


Participants :
Elisa Deval (Italy) / Maria Constanza Ochoa (Colombia) / Rallou Katsari (Greece) / Poly Nikolopoulou (Greece) / Manolya Konuk (France) / Rudee Tancharoen (Thailand) / Janny Huang Yokota (Taiwan) / Meiri Ishida (Japan) / Karin Kato (Japan) / Yoriko Mitsuhashi (Japan) / Yoko Shimizu (Japan) / Yuki Sumiya (Japan)



“CURRENT#2 2014” / Taiwan – Taipei:
open: Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat.13:00-21:00 / Sun. 13:00-19:00
closed on Monday & Tuesday
Opening : Saturday 11 January 2014, at 14:00-17:00

2014.1.11(Sat) at 10:00-
Artist Talk by Meiri Ishida and Yuki Sumiya (as ORIZZONTI) at ‘ECOLE Cafe/Translated by Janny Huang Yokota


MANO Contemporary Jewellery & Object
No.4, Ln.16, Taishun St, Da’an Dist, Taipei City 10648,Taiwan


Organized by: MANOmanman、ORIZZONTI 

Supported by: MANO慢鏝manman