CURRENT Exhibition Vol.2!


Eleven artists, with different backgrounds, from 6 countries, came together to think about the basic question: “where is the world going?” We chose the name of the exhibition, CURRENT, to mean not only the flow of ideas but also what’s happening in the world now. Both those concepts are intended to be expressed through jewellery.
In this time, each artist has made their own jewelry concept video, you can see them on the exhibition and special CURRENT website!

See all concept videos

And also two artists are giving talk about their works on 18th Monday 17:00 at the gallery.
Artists: Elisa Deval (Italy), Rudee Tancharoen (Tailand)


Participants :
Elisa Deval (Italy) / Maria Constanza Ochoa (Colombia) / Rallou Katsari (Greece) / Poly Nikolopoulou (Greece) / Manolya Konuk (France) / Rudee Tancharoen (Tailand) / Meiri Ishida (Japan) / Karin Kato (Japan) / Yoriko Mitsuhashi (Japan) / Yoko Shimizu (Japan) / Yuki Sumiya (Japan)



“CURRENT 2013” / Japan-Yokohama::
18(Mon) Opening 17:00-20:00
19(Tue) – 21(Thu) 11:00-19:00
22(Fri) 11:00-21:00
23(Sat) 11:00-17:00

Artist Talk by Elisa Deval and Rudee Tancharoen at Galerie Paris / Facilitator: Meiri Ishida, Translator: Karin Kato and Yuki Sumiya


Galerie Paris
Mitsuibussan bldg.1F, Nihon-odori 14 Naka-ku, Yokohama, Japan #231-0021


Organized by: Galerie Paris, ORIZZONTI 

Supported by: Galerie Paris