Janny Huang Yokota

Janny Huang Yokota

Found moment is a moment that I encounter everyday life that is naturally dropped in my hands.
I would like to think that Jewelry can be something simply dropped into your heart and not even knowing what it looks like.
Should it be described in words or in shapes or in colors?
 I don’t know, but I would like to describe it as a moment that I found simply by heart.
It can be something like hearing a melody and suddenly drawn back to a certain moment and being able to live that moment again in our mind.
I think Jewelry should be something like that moment which exists between the object and our soul.

I use sodium powder that I have in the house and exposed it to the air, to the environment factors and time,
By doing that it naturally becomes to form solid forms,
I pick those solid forms and construct them like a landscape.
To me it’s a landscape of recording moments.

“Found moment of jewel” Pendant: sodium powder, resin, pearl, paper